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Pachamama, our Mother Earth: Living in harmony with nature

“Pachamama is our mother (…) Our communities are very disappointed in the people in the cities because they don’t know who Pachamama is. They have forgotten. Especially because of the influence of technology. They have big houses and big buildings. But they don’t know who Pachamama is… Pachamama is important for all of us. Not just for those of us who live in nature. We eat from her. We live off her. Our Mother Earth is alive and we must all protect her.”

Juan Huaraka, Kinsaccocha Community 

Many of us have lost the connection to our Mother Earth, Pachamama. Especially we in the Western world. We have forgotten how to live in harmony with nature. Too often we ignore the signs of nature and destroy our origin. As a result, we find ourselves in the midst of the worst climate catastrophe that our humanity has ever experienced.

For the Quechua, crop failures, famines and natural disasters are due to a discontented Pachamama. The South American Gods do not let ingratitude pass – and take back what they once gave. To honour them properly is therefore the most important thing.

Pachamama represents our Mother Earth – our soil, our land and our nature in its entirety. Pachamama is the almighty goddess who gives life to all creatures and nourishes them. The entire life of the Andean people is designed to live in balance with Pachamama. Work, prayers, celebrations and rites have the purpose of maintaining or constantly restoring this balance.

“We give back to Mother Earth what she gives us. We always hear about natural disasters from the cities, but they never reach us. I think it’s because we honour and listen to our Pachamama.”

Juan Huaraka, Kinsaccocha Community


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