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About us

Our Mission & Values

You won’t find any industrial machinery here. Our producers are not unknown grey figures who are exploited for a pittance. We stand for the opposite. For us, our knitters are artists. We consider each of our designs to be a work of art that is shaped by the lives, traditions and spirituality of our partners. So, it is simply a matter of course for us that we produce 100% in the country of origin. As we are guided by traditional production methods of indigenous people, all our pieces are carefully handmade.

In the best possible harmony with nature, we create limited collections with sense, which offer an absolutely suitable answer to the fast fashion industry.


No unfair working conditions and exploitative contracts. No anonymity. Simply respectful and fair cooperation. Partnerships at eye level – that is what we stand for.

The lives of the people in our production countries are our inspiration. Together we celebrate successes as well as failures on our journey to make the fashion world more sustainable.


The fashion industry often overlooks the unique materials Mother Nature gives us and chooses cheap and synthetic alternatives. We think it is time to change this. We use only natural materials and follow resource-saving traditional manufacturing techniques.


For us, transparency equals honesty. We show you the life and stories behind our products – unfiltered and real. Our goal is to bring back the lost appreciation for textiles to promote a more conscious consumption in our fast-moving world.

Our Partners:

PERUVIAN TRADITIONS CO.: Our sourcing partner

Peruvian Traditions, founded by the siblings and our close partners Carlos & Claudia Cordero, is our sourcing partner. Carlos and Claudia support us in the entire manufacturing process of Achiy’s artworks. From the fine tuning of the designs, sourcing of our baby alpaca wool, supervision of the family production workshops up to the shipping to us in Hamburg. The topics of fair work and sustainability are very important to Carlos and Claudia.

As part of the Fashion Revolution, they believe as much as we do that fashion can be made in a safe, clean and beautiful way. A way in which creativity, quality, environment and people are equally valued.

In the production of our artworks, we only use certified knitting yarns of known origin that use biodegradable dyes and are therefore approved for international ecological standards and tested for harmful substances. Certifications: AZO, OEKO-TEX and REACH.

MICHELL: Our alpaca yarn manufacturer

Our divinely soft baby alpaca wool is sourced from Michell in Peru with the help of our sourcing partner Peruvian Traditions. With more than 87 years of experience and know-how in processing alpaca fibres, Michell & Cia. is a pioneer and the world’s leading manufacturer and exporter of alpaca yarns. Michell’s alpaca wool is certified by the International Alpaca Association. These labels are a symbol of the highest quality and durability. We only use certified knitting yarns of known origin in the manufacture of our sweaters. These yarns use biodegradable dyes and are therefore approved for international ecological standards and tested for harmful substances. Michell guarantees this and has been awarded OEKO-TEX 100, Organic Content Standard and Global Organic Textile Standard.

Bergman / Rivera: Our pima cotton manufacturer

Bergman/Rivera is a family owned company that is pioneering in the production and promotion of Organic Cotton Textiles in Peru since 1986.

Nowadays; Bergman/Rivera has two projects of white and one of color grown cotton, which support more than 160 families across three different valleys in Peru.

Bergman/Rivera is the first company in Latin America to be certified under Global Organic Textile Standard (G.O.T.S), from the field to the finished garment. This certification not only guarantees the traceability of the organic cotton that is used, but also the standard of fair treatment to every person involved in the production chain. This assures the sustainability in all of the processes and the respect for the environment.

Sustainable Cashmere Union: Our cashmere manufacturer

Back to the origin – All artworks are made in the cooperative ‘Ar Arvijin Delgerekh’ in central Mongolia. We shift the entire production process / value creation back to the nomads, into the cooperatives. This enables a fair income, as well as a self-determined life beyond the big cities.

The ‘Sustainable Cashmere Union’ helps us as our primary sourcing partner. The ‘Sustainable Cashmere Union’ is a local Mongolian association officially founded in 2017 to sell original, responsible, sustainable and certified cashmere fibers locally and internationally. The ‘Sustainable Cashmere Union’ is the result of the association of growers in 2014 in the arid region of Bayankhongor, thanks to the establishment of the world’s first sustainable cashmere sector by the ONG ‘Francaise Agronomes et Vétérinaires Sans Frontieres (AVSF)’.

More information about the ‘Sustainable Cashmere’ certificate can be found here.

RePack: Our shipping partner

Not only our sweaters themselves, but also our shipping packages have a purpose. RePack reduces CO2 emissions by 80%. The packaging is made of recycled materials. RePack packaging is designed to last at least 20 order cycles (the so-called reusable system).

Due to the size adjustment you no longer send unnecessary air: this saves money and protects the environment. All RePacks can be folded up to letter size after use and thrown into any letterbox for return. This works worldwide and free of charge! The returns are processed by workshops for the disabled.

But it does not stop there. As a reward for returning the RePacks we will donate 2€ to our good friends in the Kinsacchocha Community in Paru Paru, Cusco. At an altitude of 4010 meters, 10 indigenous families live here, keeping the traditions of their ancestors alive and being our inspiration.

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