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What is Fair Fashion/Slow Fashion?

Fair fashion, as the name suggests, places great value on fairness. This begins with good and sustainable production conditions, continues with environmentally conscious shipping and ends with the fair payment of employees. This complex process explains the comparatively high price of fair fashion. But as soon as you see how extensive and sometimes lengthy the production of fair fashion is, you realize that the high price at first glance is more than justified. In addition, the quality of fair fashion is often very high and therefore fair fashion has a much longer lifecycle. In the long run, fair fashion can therefore sometimes even be cheaper than fast fashion.

Fast Fashion describes the consumption of cheap fashion that follows constantly changing trends. This business strategy pursues the goal of producing and selling new garments with high frequency. This throwaway consumption and cheap production are detrimental to people, animals and the environment. The opposite of fast fashion is fair or slow fashion. This term basically describes the sustainable and conscious consumption of fashion. That means fairly produced fashion, second-hand fashion and buying from smaller brands.

For us at ACHIY, fair and slow fashion is very important. Sustainability, fairness and animal welfare are some of our most important values. ACHIY sweaters are produced fairly and sustainably from start to finish.

We source 100% of the wool for our carefully handcrafted garments from the country of origin. For our extremely soft sweaters, we use only natural fabrics and follow resource-saving traditional manufacturing techniques. The raw materials that we use for manufacturing meet international ecological standards and are AZO, OEKO-TEX and REACH certified. Harmful substances have no place in our ACHIY sweaters.

The labels in our garments are of course not made from animal leather but from *drum roll* pineapple leaves. Normally this is a waste product but we give it a new life as labels. To make sure that the sweaters are not only produced fairly, but also arrive sustainably with you, our shipping packaging also has an ecological sense. Besides the fact that our packaging is made of recycled materials, we work together with RePack, who have designed a reusable system for packaging. You can read more about it here.

As you can see, we at ACHIY pay attention to sustainability, fairness and humanity from start to finish. And you can feel it! Through this all-around conscious approach, we want to bring back the lost appreciation for textiles to promote mindful consumption in our fast-paced world.


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