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Which colours are fashionable in spring 2021?

One thing I can already anticipate: Spring 2021 will be colourful and special. Every season, the Pantone colour institute summarizes the most important fashion trend colours and publishes them in the “Fashion Colour Trend Report”. In doing so, the colour institute is guided by the international Fashion Weeks, especially the one in New York and London. For this year two colours were awarded colours of the year. “Ultimate Grey,” a light grey is the first trend colour in 2021.

The other colour of the year is “Illuminating” a delicate but radiant yellow. While this is not the first time the Pantone Colour Institute has chosen a colour duo as Colour of the Year, it is still very special. The colours of the year are closely tied to society’s collective hopes.

“We ask what’s happening in the world in socio-economic terms so we take into account what the general public is telling us, what their needs are, what their hopes are” tells Leatrice Eiseman, Director of the Colour Institute in an interview. The year 2020 was unusual, challenging and stirring in every way. It quickly became clear that it would be impossible to express everything with just one trend colour.

It is “rather crucial to have two independent colours that can come together. Not only to convey the subliminal message that we can’t do it alone – that we all need each other – but because it’s the combination of the characteristics of these colours that tells the story” said Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Colour Institute.

So the colours weren’t just chosen at random; they have a profound meaning. “Ultimate Grey” represents strength and resilience – skills that played a big role last year and again this year. In nature, Ultimate Grey is found in rocks of all kinds. Pebbles and even massive rocks have always existed and will continue to do so thanks to their resilience. According to Eiseman, the colour grey therefore stands for “something you can hold on to and that will always be there for you.” That’s something everyone*can certainly use in 2021.

The other trend colour that joins “Ultimate Grey” is “Illuminating”. According to Eiseman, this colour is associated with sunshine worldwide. The meaning of the bright yellow is a thoroughly optimistic and positive one. The colour yellow is inevitably associated with light and sun. This colour is supposed to give us hope for a light at the end of the tunnel.

The interesting thing about the colour duo is that both “Ultimate Grey” and “Illuminating” evoke a universal response in people. That’s what one of the many colour psychology studies conducted by the Plantone Colour Institute found. The colour duo is said to convey unity and give hope.

While “Illuminating” conveys light at the end of the tunnel, “Ultimate Grey” shows us the strength and willpower we need to achieve that goal. If we carry these two colours and the associated abilities, we can look forward to a hopeful future in 2021. Those who can’t do anything with these two colours do not need to be concerned. Of course, there are many more trend colours for spring 2021.

These include, above all, blue and green in all shades. In addition, colours like orange (“Orange Ochre”, “Rust” and “Marigold”), purple (“Purple Rose” and “Amethyst Orchid”) and turquoise (“Beach Glass”) will make 2021 very colourful. Those who do not like to dress so colourful can go for the more muted trend colours beige (“Macchiato” and “Desert Mist”), white (“Baby’s Breath” and “Buttercream”) and of course “Ultimate Grey”.

In our “Peruvian Spring” collection you will find many muted colours but also some beautiful splashes of colour. So there is something for everyone!

All in all, spring 2021 will be colourful, hopeful and full of optimums – which we can all use more than well.


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