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Tradition meets modernity: In conversation with our sourcing partner

We proudly introduce: Carlos Cordero, Peruvian Traditions

Entrepreneur, brother, proud Peruvian and our sourcing partner.

Together with his sister Claudia, Carlos runs the Peruvian Traditions company in Lima. Carlos and Claudia support us along the entire production chain with valuable know-how and ensure a fair, sustainable and high-quality local production for us.

For us, Carlos is a valuable business partner and a gateway to the traditional world of the Peruvian people and their craftsmanship. Here is an insight into Carlos story:  

“I founded Peruvian Traditions 5 years ago together with my sister after travelling all over the country in search of the best fabrics, production techniques, knitters and of course sustainable production possibilities. Sustainability is at the heart of Peruvian Traditions. For my sister and me sustainability means transparency. It is our goal to present the entire production process of our fashion as openly as possible. In doing so, we place the greatest value on the relationship with our producers. As we produce exclusively in small and traditional communities, we maintain family relationships with our knitters. You could say that trusting relationships with our producers are the key to sustainable action for us.

Meanwhile, there are many large and commercial fashion companies here in Peru that specialize in the production of alpaca wool. However, most of these companies do not care about sustainability and fair working conditions. They care about profit but not about the people in our communities.

Claudia and I focus 100% on working with traditional communities to provide them with work and thus better living conditions. Also, to keep our tradition alive. Many indigenous communities still master the traditional sewing techniques of the past, but they don’t know how to make money with them. This is where we come in and try to create a market for it.”

We asked Carlos what Achiy means to him. Achiy is Quechua (the language of the Incas) for “enjoy”. Here is his answer:

“I appreciate working with my sister because we trust each other 100% and to be able to work together with the family is something very special”.


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