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The fleece of the Gods: Alpaca Wool

All our sweaters are made of 100% baby alpaca wool. There is a simple reason for this:

The wool is just so divinely soft and at the same time sustainable and fair. Insiders call alpaca wool the fleece of the Gods because even in the days of the Incas wool was used for clothing. At that time, however, only rulers and kings were allowed to wear the divine fleece with its wonderful properties.

The unique properties of alpaca wool at a glance:

Divinely soft and also warm.  

The indescribable comfort of alpaca wool is due to the softness, moisture and texture of the fibre. Alpacas are shorn by hand only once a year. The term “baby” in our 100% baby alpaca sweaters comes both from the fineness of the wool and from its rarity, as it can only be obtained in certain areas of the animal and often only in that first haircut.

The comforting warmth comes from the first-class thermal properties of alpacas. The animals live at altitudes of up to 5000 meters in the Andes and must be protected from extreme temperature and weather fluctuations. That is why the wool fibres of alpaca fur are hollow and the enclosed air provides comforting warmth in cold weather and breathability in hot weather.

Sustainable and also natural.

Alpacas are shorn once a year. The wool fibres are sorted by hand. The fibres are classified into thick and thin fabrics, and by colour. This process is done by hand and can never be mechanised as the variable properties of the fibre can only be assessed by experienced hands and eyes. The wide range of natural colours offered by the wool requires less dyeing. This unique property results in a reduced impact on our environment and nature.

Alpaca wool is particularly dirt and odour repellent and therefore more resistant than merino wool and mohair. Alpaca wool does not felt and is therefore more durable than cashmere and cotton. The fibre diameter of alpaca wool is very small and the fabric is therefore extremely light and thin. Compared to sheep or cotton, alpaca therefore offers an extremely pleasant feeling directly on the skin. 

Fair and also responsible.

Alpaca agriculture is deeply rooted in the Peruvian history. From the shepherd who breeds and cares for the alpaca, to the knitters who learned from their parents how to sort, classify, spin and knit the fibres. Alpacas are part of the unique heritage of Peruvian textile art.


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