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The family concept for success – our production philosophy

“We always and only work in teams. Mainly in our families. We live the craft of our parents and their ancestors and will pass this on to our children.”

Rubén, owner and production manager of Achiy’s family workshop.

The production of our garments is not just about fashion. It’s about the people who create our handmade works of art with incredible passion, their stories and their lives. The unity of the family is at the forefront.

Textile art has always been a social event. A possibility to create something together with the family, friends and the community. The traditional knitting techniques are passed on from generation to generation. For many textile artists it is a great dream, an honour, to be able to pass on their craft. Especially within the family.

We at Achiy would like to keep exactly this tradition alive. All our sweaters are made completely in the family workshops of Rubén and Carmen in Cusco – by hand with traditional knitting machines and, of course, 100% baby alpaca wool. This requires many hands because our manufacturing process involves multiple small individual steps. There is an expert for each of these skills. However, our finished sweaters only come to life when the individual craftsmanships are finally combined.

“My desire is to grow. Hand in hand. To keep the traditional textile art alive. Actually, the dream is not a dream at all. It’s a reality because I produce textiles that go out into the world together with my family and my community.”

Rubén, owner and production manager of Achiy’s family workshop

Our works of art

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