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Naturalness rethought: Our definition of sustainability

Sustainability. Sustainable action. Sustainable living. Sustainable vision. Sustainable fashion. Sustainable production… Sustainability… Sustainability… Sustainability – everywhere we look, we are nowadays confronted with the concept of sustainability. But what does it actually stand for?

It is our ultimate ambition to give you a precise answer to this important question and to show you how we see, define and live sustainability. After all, sustainability is at the basis of everything we do. 

We are inspired and guided by the traditions, craftsmanship and life of indigenous people. Especially by living in complete harmony with our mother nature. For indigenous people the word sustainability is a given – it is the content of life. The being as such is defined by nature.

Our answer to sustainability is naturalness. The quality of nature. All our actions are influenced by the dedication to act in harmony with Mother Earth, Pachamama.

Naturalness for us in 4 sentences:

The production of natural products by local artists in the country of origin.

The support of the local communities and so natural indigenous crafts.

The respect for the natural life of the animals and their habitats.

The use of natural wool and natural means in further processing.

Our first natural newly thought products are 100% baby alpaca sweaters, handmade in Cusco, Peru using traditional knitting machines. For our labels we certainly do not use animal leather. Instead, here it comes, we are using pineapple leaves which are normally a by-product but are now processed into alternative leather for our “Designed by Another Life” labels.


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