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Baby alpaca sweaters: fair, natural & divinely soft

Our alpaca sweaters carry the spirit of the indigenous people of Peru and set an example against fast fashion consumption. Fair, sustainable and divinely soft.

Pachamama, Mother Nature, is our muse

We only use sustainable materials that have their origin in nature. We are guided by the Purity Law – in our case this means using 100% alpaca wool in each of our products. As we have the claim to offer not only soft but also divinely soft textiles, we only use baby alpaca wool.

Alpacas are shorn by hand only once a year. The term “baby” comes from the fineness of the wool as well as from its rarity, as it can only be obtained at certain points on the animal and often only in this first haircut. As proof of these incredible qualities you will find a golden leaflet from the “International Alpaca Association” in our sweaters, which certifies our use of 100% Baby Alpaca.

We do not use leather for our labels. Instead, here it comes, pineapple leaves, which are normally a waste product, but are now processed into alternative leather for our “Designed by Another Life” labels. This is recognized by PETA, among others.  

Of course, it is also fair, because our clothes are produced in workshops that are part of the Fashion Revolution (“Who Made Your Clothes”).


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