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ACHIY is a young fashion label from Hamburg that returns to the origins of textile art. With handmade alpaca sweaters they want to break with the conventions of the fast fashion industry and develop meaningful knitwear with unique stories.

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At Achiy every product is handmade. The designs are limited. The production is sustainable and follows an original indigenous tradition. The label says about itself: “We know our knitting artists and maintain fair trade relations. The spirituality with which indigenous peoples make their clothes gives our products an inimitable aura. In every single piece and in every pattern there is a story of its own.” Fashion created under such conditions shows social and cultural responsibility and forms an important counterpart to the fast fashion industry. Fashion should once again become a part of ourselves and our environment. The goal: Achiy sweaters should not only give you a feeling of comfort and warmth, but also show you as a responsible person – INDIGENOUS EXELLENCE AGAINST FAST FASHION.

The special thing about alpaca sweaters

The first garments of the Slow Fashion label are 100% baby alpaca sweaters, hand-knitted in Cusco, Peru, using traditional knitting machines in the family production workshop of Rubén Caryamarca & Isabelle Mamani.

The special features of alpaca sweaters:

FAIR: The label knows its knitting artists personally and cultivates fair relationships – you could say friendships. The aim is to keep the traditional Peruvian knitting art alive and thus contribute directly to the livelihood of local families.

NATURAL: The production should always be in harmony with Mother Earth. This purity can also be found in the sweaters, which are made entirely from natural materials.

DIVINELY SOFT: The insider name for alpaca wool is also the “fleece of the gods”. The special texture of the wool fibres creates a uniquely soft, warm and silky skin feeling.

Sustainability in the company

“For indigenous people the word sustainability is a given – the purpose of life. The way of being is determined by nature.”

The label finds inspiration in the traditions, craftsmanship and life of local people. Especially by living in complete harmony with our mother nature. For Achiy, the answer to sustainability is therefore naturalness.

The four pillars of sustainability at Achiy:

  1. The production of natural products by local artists in the country of origin. 
  2. The support of the local communities and so natural indigenous crafts.
  3. The respect for the natural life of the animals and their habitats.
  4. The use of natural wool and natural means in further processing.

ACHIYs Collection

Currently Achiy’s collection consists of unique sweaters: 100% baby alpaca wool & hand knitted. Divinely soft, breathable and durable. Perfect for warm summer evenings, outdoor activities and icy winter days. From spring onwards, we continue with colourful summer cardigans, dyed from fruits and vegetables, which carry the spirit of Pachamama (Mother Earth) within them. A homage to the Incas and a statement that sustainability never goes out of fashion.


Our works of art

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