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Guest podcast with the wonderful girls of AVOW.

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The Corona crisis is keeping the world in suspense and has many, sometimes unforeseeable, consequences. Vivica Pietz is the founder of ACHIY, a fair fashion label that produces handknitted alpaca sweaters in cooperation with indigenous communities. It was only at the end of last year that she took the plunge into self-employment and now, after only a few months, she has to overcome what is probably the biggest crisis of all. To what extent does the crisis affect small fashion labels like hers and what will change for her in the fashion year 2020? The young founder gives us insights into the traditions and rituals of Peru’s indigenous peoples. How do people who live in harmony with nature see the crisis? What can we learn from indigenous cultures? Is the crisis perhaps also an opportunity for society to live and consume more consciously? Is the world moving closer together during the social distance? If you liked the episode, please feel free to write us a review or mail us at and subscribe to this podcast to stay up to date. All further information about AVOW and ACHIY can be found here: ACHIY on AVOW:


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